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"Rodney is a true talent! He takes the time to hear what I want and has done successfully. When I had a brain tumor removed 6 months ago, I was so self conscious of what my head/hair looked like. As soon as my staples were removed, I went to Rodney, who made me feel at ease instantly, and cut my hair to allow it to not be noticeable. It was perfect. Now, again 6 months later, and all is good, I came to Rodney with a style I wanted and highlight my now newly grays. I so love my new hairstyle! I couldn’t be happier! The color is amazing and the cut is perfect! I have never had a stylist like him. I will never go to anyone else. Special occasion, or just because make an appointment with Rodney. You will be so happy you did!
Thank you so much Rodney!!"

                                                                                                                                                                     - Wendy Tucci Stafford


"September 01,2016 was my first time at Rodney's. My initial impression upon entering the salon was the it was clean, neat and inviting without the glaring light often found in other salons. Upon meeting Rodney, it became obvious that the salon was a reflection of him. He first selected what turned out to be the best shade of color for me. Then, the haircut was very precise and thorough with careful attention to all details. Not only was my family highly complimentary but I, myself, was completed satisfied. I will return without any hesitation."

                                                                                                                                                                           -Michael Bassman


"Rodney has been my stylist for 3 years and I wonder why it took me so long to find him. I love that I can just sit in his chair, relax and leave the rest to him. Rodney has such a unique gift to just look at you and create a masterpiece. It's not all about hair color. He considers skin tone, facial structure, eye color, etc. He is exactly what I need when I don't know what I need or want. Rodney's personalized service is well worth the little bit of extra money you might spend on hair services, but I have never felt rushed and I always leave 100% satisfied and beautiful."

                                                                                                                                                                                        -Jaime Birt


Rodney is awesome! He gets it right every time. He is extremely friendly, a pleasure to be around and always makes sure you're happy before you leave. Robledo Studio is a lovely, relaxing atmosphere and the prices are fair. Awesome as always and it's not just about the hair... it's the whole experience. Thank you for such a great cut! 


                                                                                                                                                                              -Sharen Cardella


"I am a new client and couldn't be happier with my refreshed look. Rodney is a very talented, professional stylist and I am so glad to have found him."

- Linda Mckinney



"I recently moved to NC and was very afraid about getting a haircut from someone I did not know.  I had been going to the same stylist in NJ for years and I loved her. I was so pleased after visiting Rodney, the haircut was modern and easy to style. My husband really liked it and I received a lot of compliments, even from people I didn't know.  I will definitely go back again and again."

- Cintia Alcala


"Want to feel beautiful after getting your hair done? Then, Rodney is the hairdresser you should have do your hair. Last winter, I had him redo my hair and I was extremely happy with the new style and color. For summer, I had him cut the hair shorter, and my hair is ready to go after washing and conditioning-no styling needed, unless I am getting dressed up. What a wonderful feeling, knowing I can look good without spending more than 15 minutes on styling my hair for a wedding! Make an appointment, you won't be sorry, he has a great eye for makeovers."

- Kathleen Osinski


"Rodney is a true master artist at his work.  He is about health of the hair and achieving your goals of easy maintenance and the most becoming color and style.  It is rare to find a stylist who has the knowledge, the correct vision, the honesty, and the professionalism to put it all together.
His studio is beautiful, easy to park and to find, quiet and relaxing.  It is your one on one time with the artist while he can, without interruption, look and listen and get a feel from his vast experience on what would work best with your lifestyle and your personal look and what will work with your hair type and skin tone.
There are too many people in this business locally who are limited in their skills and background.  They follow a guideline of "Do No Harm" which often never gets you an optimal look but they don't have the sophisticated experience and exposure that Rodney has had.
Also, most hairdressers don't have the product knowledge of what is truly healthy to put on your hair.  They claim they do but they are pushing products because their boss instructed them to do so because the margins are good and your bill will be higher.
They are also unaware of what hair products have been bought out by bigger giants and old formulas changed and claims of gentleness for your hair just don't represent the product anymore. Rodney keeps up with all of this.
Rodney has had exposure to the fashion industry and the hair industry that most hairdressers here just have never had and won't get those opportunities.  That puts him light years in front of the competition."

- Cheryl MIlls


"Best haircut/color hands down that I have ever had! Always get compliments on the color. Rodney is friendly, professional, and skilled! I can't recommend him enough!!"

- Kaitlin Spring


"The studio is first class all the way! It's very vogue! The decor is warm, friendly and inviting. It's chic and stylish with a touch of zen. There is ample parking as well. Rodney is a gem! He is an artist and visionary. He is just outstanding at what he does. He takes time to listen to his clients and is not afraid to offer suggestions. He also books appropriate time between bookings so he not rushing you or himself. Raleigh is so lucky to have a person of his caliber practicing here. I highly recommend him and just feel blessed that I found him! Always walk out of his place with a smile! Love my hair! Thank you Rodney!"

- Maggie Mariella


"Rodney, you are amazing. I have, what I consider, difficult hair. I have a triple crown where the hair loves to separate. Rodney listened to me and created a new look that is so easy to care for. I don't know when I have ever been this happy with my look. No more separating hair at the crown, and for the first time in a long time, I have cheekbones again. Thank you for being so talented."

- Dianne Lenahan


"Rodney listened closely to my thoughts about a new style. He suggested a cut that tuned out quite complimentary for the shape of my face. He provided excellent service. Mr. Robledo's studio is elegant; offering an environment that was calm and relaxed as I awaited the outcome. I also appreciated his before and after photo! He definitely goes the greater distance to ensure individualized attention."

- Betty Ellender


"I felt comfortable as soon as I entered the Studio.  My hair is course and in very bad condition.  When I comb through it, I always get a comb full of hair!  I exercise daily and walk a few miles three times a week so I need to take extra care of my locks.  Rodney evaluated and prescribed, colored and cut and when I looked in the mirror, I was amazed at the results. The environment of the Salon is like being at a Spa.  I now have a "New Hairdresser"! Thank you Rodney...  Oh, did I forget to mention getting my hair washed!  See you in 6 weeks."


- Constance Gibbs


"What else can I say... Rodney is simply the best. He is a gifted hair designer and artist. He listens and is engaged while creating the best style for his clients. He is very personable and extremely knowledgeable regarding his craft. You owe it to yourself it give him a try."

- Maggie Mariella 


"Rodney is amazing! He has been cutting and coloring my hair for years. When I first saw Rodney I told him that although I'm old enough to be a grandma I don't want to look boring. I wanted an age-appropriate haircut that's different and fun and I continue to be delighted with what he does. Rodney has an incredible set of skills that come together every time I sit in his chair to create a style that is unique to me and works with my hair, my face and my personality. I always have some of Rodney's cards with me, I'm often asked who does my hair. His salon is elegant and at the same time comfortable. Also, I'm very appreciative that Rodney has gluten free hair products. He's the best!"

- Thelma Martin


"I loved everything about this experience. I actually live 2 hours away form this studio but with nothing comparable in my area I made the drive and it was well worth it. I am always apprehensive of getting my haircut at new salons but I decided I desperately needed one so I made an appointment. His space is upscale but comfortable and it is evident he knows exactly what he's doing. He fixed problems with my hair that I didn't even know were there. I really put myself in his hands as far as what to do with my long hair and it turned out great. He kept most of the length (which I appreciate) but added layers and really made my face the focal point of my new cut. He did mention that I would look great with some highlights but never pressured me to do so. As most of you know, other salons will try to get you to add all sorts of services you really don't want so not feeling pressured was nice. His price is also really great. I have long thicker hair and normally salons will charge me even more than their quoted "long hair price" but Robledo did not. The price on his website was $60 and thats exactly what I paid. Basically he is awesome and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great to stylist."

- Ashlee Whitmire 


"He is fantastic! It is not easy to layer my hair and he did a great job blending everything.  Scheduling an appointment was fairly easy but you do need to schedule in advance.  The price is outstanding for the quality of his work."

-Kelly Huffstetler


"Best haircut I've had in seven years. I'm glad I didn't settle with the other stylists I tried.  A great haircut means so much to my happiness. I have coarse, thick, curly hair and you have to know how to cut it. Brilliant stylist!

-Cricket Stranz


"I moved here from Texas and I had tried two other salons before going to Robledo Studio.  The studio is clean, tastefully decorated and smells lovely!  I really liked that the studio was not large, crowded and intimidating.  Rodney greeted me and took me right back so there was no waiting.  He took his time talking with me and offered his professional opinion about my hair.  He is very artistic and talented...the overall experience was wonderful!  Although the fees are higher than what Im used to paying I was extremely pleased with the outcome.  I have finally found a great stylist...Thank you Rodney!"

-Tammi Mitchell


"Rodney is a true professional and is one of the most gifted people I have ever met in his field.  Very few hair stylists are able to look at each client as an individual and provide them with a personalized haircut that not only looks good but fits well with their lifestyle.  This is what sets Rodney apart from the other stylists out there.  I tend to be a person who spends very little time on my hair, and Rodney has always been able to give me a cut that I can "wash and go" with.  My haircuts always keep their shape and last much longer than any other hairstylist I have ever been to (and I've tried a lot of stylists in the past!).  His salon is a joy to visit.  It is set up in a contemporary setting with soothing colors and decor.  It is always very clean with good lighting.  Rodney always greets you at the door with a big smile.  He is truly passionate about his work and enjoys what he does, and it shows! I highly recommend his services in hair and make-up to everyone that I meet, and I would challenge you to try his salon once if you haven't been.  I guarantee if you go there, you will never go back to your old stylist again :) Thank you, Rodney!"

- Sharon Johnson


"Rodney is amazing; he knows which looks suit your face best, he takes his time to make things perfect, and he has great style!  In addition, he has a very chic, cute office that makes you feel pampered.  I have had my hair done many times with Rodney, and he is a great guy and a fabulous hairdresser!  I recommend him 100%."

-Jennifer Irving


"Absolutely love my color and style from Rodney! He is honestly the best and only stylist I will go to from now on! He listens to what you are looking for and offers perfect suggestions. He is the best!!"

-Jennifer Whitley Forringer


Finally! I am so happy to have found Rodney. He is an exceptional stylist who listens and creates! Bad hair days are a thing of the past. I love my hair now!"

-Kelly Little Huffstetler


"Rodney Robledo is a true professional with a keen eye for designing style and color to flatter. I was extremely pleased with the treatment, color and cut."

-Ginger Smiley


"I had my hair cut for the first time with Rodney. The studio has individual rooms and very cozy. It looks like photo studio. Very personalized service and different kind of experience. I am really impressed with his technique and skill. Beautiful design with sharp line, which I really wanted. you can expect very fashionable design of your hair style. Highly recommended."

-Tomoko Chubachi


"When I went in, I was in the process of growing out a hairstyle that wasn't working for me. I basically didn't know what to do. Rodney explained why the cut wasn't working and suggested a style that when it was completed took years off. I would highly recommend it to anyone!! Love the cut! It felt much like I was getting a spa treatment than a haircut. I will definitely go back!"

- Elaine Webb


"I have been married almost 40 years and never has my wonderful hubby noticed haircuts, color, etc. NOW, he begs me to go to Rodney and when I walk in the door, he says you went to see Rodney !! He loves, loves my cut and color. thanks Rodney for adding spice to my life !!!"

-Lynn Moore


"First impressions are lasting.  I was early for my appt and Rodney was waiting for me.  His salon was spotless, tastefully decorated and relaxing.  He is very friendly and easy to talk with.  Loved his background music.  Most importantly, he evaluated my hair, listened to my concerns and made style/cut recommendations.  He knew exactly what to do with my short, heavy, thick, stubborn hair.  I don't think I have ever had my hair washed in a salon chair that was so comfortable.  Loved that he uses all natural hair harsh chemicals...a HUGE plus for me.  He gave me complete confidence that he knew exactly how to cut my type of hair, so I just relaxed and we chatted while he worked.  My impression was that he wasn't just doing a hair cut, get it done and get the client out the door.  I felt that he had passion for his profession and cared about his client and the end result.....unlike so many other salons I have been to!!  I am NOT an easily satisfied customer, but I was totally satisfied and impressed with Rodney a/k/a Robledo Studio.  Will definitely return in a few weeks for a second cut.   THANK YOU!!!"

-Linda Ballard


"I have a root color, front highlights and cut every three weeks at Robledo Studio. I have short hair that grows quick ! I cannot express enough the quality of care and detailed work that Rodney provides. His talents go beyond just a haircut! His suggestions for a color, cut and style will NOT disappoint! He takes the extra step every visit. The salon has a very welcoming and comfortable style. For someone that has to go to the hair salon frequently, like me, I highly recommend Robledo Studio!" 

-Beth Cronin


"After moving here  almost 3 years ago, I have been looking for the right stylist for me.  A person who not only cut/color hair but would be honest about what would look good or not on me. To be honest I went for a consult thinking I would get some ideas.  Rodney  LISTEN and gave his recommendations. I appreciated his vision and artistry to be able to suggest a style and color that would be right for my face shape and  complexion . To my surprise he fit me in and I had my hair done the same day.  I was worried about being over processed from having both color and high- lights but after I was done, I could not have been happier.  I would say Rodney is a  true "hair artist." He has an unique eye to see, convey and deliver that style  to the client.  He is pricey (comparable to other high end studios)  but worth it. I highly recommend.  His studio is warm and inviting.   It's easy to find and great parking too."

-Maggie Mariella


"Wow!  Rodney is great at his job.  I haven't has this great of a haircut in years.  His finishing techniques are what makes the cut awesome.  I can't wait to send my girls to him to see what he can do for them.  I have a friend who wants a new haircut and I have found someone who can give her a great one."

-Eric Stranz


"All I can say is WOW! I don't feel like an old frumpy housewife anymore. My family loves it and especially my husband. Rodney you have given me such a gift. I feel younger and more vibrant! You honestly give your clients the whole package, you come out with a great haircut, color and you make women sparkle. Thank you so much!"

-Terri Weber


"Rodney first did a consultation is which he considered the shape of my face, the heaviness of my hair and all my cowlicks in order to suggest a new hair style. I was looking for something easy to care for without using a hair dryer since I'm going on a safari later this summer. I was impressed with the cutting techniques he used to tame my cowlicks and heavy hair. I got a great hair cut and will be back."

-Jeanne Goodwell


"Fantastic! It was one of the best experiences with a stylist ever. I explained what I'm willing to do on a daily basis to my hair and what I was thinking about. He took that and really gave me a 5 star cut that looks fantastic no matter what I do. He listened to me and took what I wanted into consideration. I left there feeling like a million bucks and a model. I went in planning on having him be an occasional splurge (it's a bit of a drive), but he's made it as my regular stylist. The price is fantastic for what you get -- I would have expected him to be nearly twice as much."

-Julia Alexander


"I truthfully can't say enough about Rodney's talent for cutting, coloring and styling hair!!! This man is a genius! I have never been happier!"

-Beth Cronin


"What a lovely studio. I loved the privacy and had Rodney all to my self. Can't wait to go back. This was just a consultation, but I felt Rodney knew just what style I wanted and knew exactly what would make my hair look special".

-Mary Jo D


"For the first time in a very long time, I sat down and rather than tell someone what I thought I needed, I asked and Rodney delivered. Best haircut ever! It is CUTE, works with the way my hair grows and the texture I have to deal with. Best of all, it is EASY---the goal! Thanks, Rodney."

-Thorn Lewis


"I've been going to Rodney for well over a year now - he is absolutely AMAZING! Like most women, I strongly identify with my hair. I am naturally curly and like to change up the color for each season. Since the first time I sat in Rodney's chair, I have been completely in love with my hair. I trust Rodney more than I ever have with any hair stylist. His talent and eye are so great, I don't even have to tell him what I want or how I want it. I just sit down, and let him work his magic. He knows my hair better than I know it myself! He takes great pride in his work and is amazingly talented. I have found my stylist for life!"

- Lauren Baker


"I can't say enough good things about Rodney. I came to him for a hair and makeup trial for my upcoming wedding, and I immediately felt comfortable with him. I had the trial done prior to a 'casino night' event, and I've never received so many compliments before. I wanted to try clip in extensions to give my hair more volume, and the way he layered them in my hair was so natural that no one could tell. He is also a talented make up artist, making my face look flawless and giving me an oh-so-smoky eye but still looking like me. I love his online reservation system, it makes things very easy and simple. Without a doubt, I've found my new hair stylist. I've already recommended him to two of my sisters and they are in love as well."

-Mari J


"I've been seeing Rodney for a few years now.  I appreciate how easy it is to schedule an appointment online and I receive an email confirmation.  My life has been uber-busy and I let my hair grow out to a sloppy mess!  We did a short consult and he LISTENED to my ideas and offered his own expert advise.  We agreed on a direction and I let him do his thing. He has great vision for what looks good on me with my hair type including cowlicks, facial features and head shape and creates looks that fit. Rodney provides you with your own unique look - not just a hair cut.   And, just like another Angie's reviewer posted, I get asked "Who cuts your hair" and I keep a supply of his cards on me."

-Lee Willhite


"I've been going to Rodney for over a year now, and everytime I go I know he will work his magic on my hair. When I moved to NC from NY 5 1/2 years ago I was worried I wouldn't find someone who knew how to cut my hair well. Rodney is by far the best hair stylist I've ever had. He knows how to cut my crazy thick/wavy hair just right. Weeks after getting it cut I still get compliments on my hair -sometimes from complete strangers. I trust him completely, and look forward to every visit!"

-Katie D


"This was my 3rd appointment with Rodney. In those 3 appointments I have trusted his eye for what would be the best look for my hair. He is extremely talented and works with amazing creativity. I just love my hair each time I leave his studio. The studio is very comfortable, clean and quiet. It's a pleasant experience each time I get my hair done. Great conversation and clients!"


-Donna Crawley


"Rodney knows how to cut hair the right way! I am a picky European woman. I never asked Rodney whether or not he knows the difference between Vidal Sassoon's techniques and techniques of Jacques Dessange; however, by watching him cutting hair I can say Rodney had an European teacher. If you are a busy professional or stay-at-home mom and want just simply " cut and go", see Rodney right away! Cool guy! Cool place! Cool price! Cool hair! I Love him! You will too!"


 -Irena Alverson


"I got my hair "redesigned" by Rodney a few weeks ago; I went in with an overgrown, bland "mommy" hair-do, and left with a sassy, manageable, fun look with a few highlights. I love the look, and Rodney was fabulous and attentive. Great little studio, too!"

 -Jennifer Kochman


"Rodney gave me the best cut and color ever! You know you have a great haircut when people stop you on the street and ask who does your hair!! Rodney is so easy to work with your busy schedule too! Such a dream!"

 -Pam M


Rodney was wonderful! Based on Angie's List reviews, I scheduled a consultation. I have been in the Raleigh area less than 1 year and he's the third stylist I've tried. This one I'm sticking with! He asked a lot of questions that showed he was looking to understand what I really wanted and needed. I'm the type of person who finds a style that works and sticks with it. I have very wavy hair which can be unruly, which is not the look I want for work. He made some suggestions and explained how they would help achieve the results I wanted. Very professional and knowledgeable. He made a great deal of sense, so I agreed to give it a try. I am SO glad I did! In the two weeks since my haircut, absolutely every female friend I have seen for the first time since the cut exclaimed approval on seeing me -- friends from their 20s into their 50s. It is a very professional cut that looks great with suits, but is fun and fresh, a little flirty, healthy and appropriately youthful (I'm coming up on my 53rd birthday.). It frames my face and feels fabulous. Rodney spent time with me so it would still look great even when I styled it. And it does. I have never been more thrilled with a cut or style.

 -Randy Blanstein

"Igot my haircut with Rodney for the first time about 10 weeks ago. I have never received a better haircut! He was recommended to me by my mom and I am so glad she did. I loved him so much I am having him do my hair and makeup for my wedding in October! I highly recommend Rodney, he is amazing at what he does and also great to talk to so you don't sit in silence! 

                                                                                                                                              -Nina Mancuso


"Nice and quiet private atmosphere.  Rodney is an excellent hairstylist, who anyone can trust different haircuts styles and treatments.  Any of his recommendations has worked excellent and last for months.  Thanks Rodney".

-Astrid Flores


"Nice, quiet, clean and pretty. Who could ask for more. Rodney is the best ever! I love him!!! Rodney makes sure I am current in my look but best of all he listens. He helped go quit coloring my hair with style (silver, who knew). It took me three trys to find someone who could help me do this in a pain free way. What a great listener!"

-Sandra Easton

"Rodney was wonderful! I did a trial for my daughter's wedding and was nervous to get my makeup done because most makeup artists can't match up my skin tone and he did it perfectly! Also he matched my lip color to a color that looks great on me! I loved the way I looked so much I let my daughter take a picture of me and I hate pictures! I wouldn't recommend anyone else!"

                                               -Daniel Matroni


"Would never go anywhere else. Rodney has created salon atmosphere so relaxing. It truly sets him apart from every other salon I've been to.  I will never get my hair cut, colored, or styled anywhere else. He has great ability to take what I am telling him and turn it into the exact look that I want."


-Cari Olive

"Rodney did my hair and make-up for my wedding. He spent the whole day with me for our extremely long Indian wedding and did a fabulous job. Our pictures turned out great. He understood that I wanted a more natural feel to my makeup and hair and did just that! Rodney made me feel comfortable throughout the day and was flexible with his time. He did a few of my bridesmaids hair and make up as well and they absolutely loved his work! I would recommend his services to anyone!"

                                                                     -Sunita Murty-Gami


"Rodney is the best.  He's been cutting my hair for 3 years and I keep coming back.  Highly recommended!"

- Jeff Russell


"Rodney is the absolute BEST! He did my hair for my bridal portraits, bridal luncheon, rehearsal dinner, and wedding. Rodney was so attentive and really listened to what I wanted for the big day. Chic and natural with a little flair. One day, I even brought in a picture of Heidi Klum and asked if we could make that look happen. With no hesitation (and trust me it was quite the challenge), he said absolutely! He pulled the hair style off flawlessly. Rodney really created a look that made me feel beautiful! Now if I could only have him come to the house for 30 minutes each morning we would really be in business. Thanks Rodney!"

- Kristen Adams Thompson


"The atmosphere is relaxing and clean! The background music is very soothing. I love visiting Rodney's studio! I have been going to Rodney for at least a year now.  I absolutely love what he does to y hair.  I will not go to any other stylist!!"

- Marla Poston


"Rodney was a godsend! I was in NYC looking for someone in Raleigh to do my hair and makeup for 3 different looks all in 1 day! I spoke with him over the phone, came for a trial, and immediately I knew I would be in good hands... The looks and hairstyles that we selected varied from classic (Catholic Ceremony) to super intricate (Indian Ceremony), to an smokey nighttime look (reception). He stayed with me the whole day and traveled to all the locations of the ceremonies (2-3 different places)! I am not a fan of makeup, and mentioned that to Rodney, my skin is super sensitive, I always breakout...Rodney took all that into consideration, and was able to suggest brands that he felt were going to be suitable for me....and they did! I received so many compliments from my guests that day...most importantly my husband was impressed, and I felt like I still looked like me! I would whole-heartedly recommend Rodney to anyone I know, he's wonderful at what he does, and he loves what he does and it shows! Every time I go to visit my parents in North Carolina I try to go and see Rodney for a cut and style...Thank you Rodney for making my day so perfect!"


- Sarika "Nigam" Gregoire



"Rodney cuts my hair on a monthly basics. He’s wonderful! I followed him from another salon, and I’ve been seeing him for a couple of years at his new location. He’s consistently excellent in his hair cutting performance and listens to his clients. He has an excellent eye to provide you with your own unique style, which is why I keep going back to him!"

 - Lee Wilhite


"Rodney also did my hair and makeup for my wedding day, along with all of my bridal party and my mother. He can create any look and knows how to make you look your best! Highly recommend!"

- Katie Mills


"I have been looking for someone like Rodney since I came to Raleigh 10 years ago... he knows what looks current and good for my style and hair... I have recommended him to many..."

- Karen Smith


"Rodney gave me the best haircut of my life! No one in the triangle can match his talent. I've been to many different stylists, and Rodney by far was able to cut and style my hair so well that I felt like I was ready for a fashion shoot!! LOVE HIM!!"

- Tina Ellington


"My wedding day was the most memorable day of my life as for all brides. I can not thank Rodney enough for making me feel special that day he gave me a beautiful hairstyle and fabulous makeup! I wanted dramatic makeup and an edgy hairstyle and that is exactly what he gave me. He also did my mother and maid of honor. His time management skills are awesome and kept everything calm cool and collected. He was fun to work with and always had a smile. I got married in November 2010 and I still have friends asking "who did your hair and makeup for your wedding"...I always provide his info and will recommend him to all brides!"

- Jackie Valdespino 


"Rodney took care of EVERYTHING for my engagement pictures- he did my hair, make-up, helped with outfit selections AND took the pictures. The pictures were amazing and we had such a fun day. Rodney is an absolute dream to work with! I highly recommend him for help with your special day!"

- Marianna Godwin Russell


"Rodney is beyond phenomenal! I went to him knowing I wanted a change in hairstyle but not really knowing what I wanted.  I told him to do whatever he thought would iook best and so he did! My hair looked stunning! I was so impressed! He will be the only one cutting my hair for now on!!! Completely recommend him cause he's the best!!"

- Lauren Reynolds 


"Rodney did my hair and makeup for my wedding day and portraits. He is a very talented makeup artist who knows what looks best for you individually and knows what will translate well in photography. My hair was perfect and stayed in place all night. I would very highly recommend Rodney, he is definitely a must have for your wedding day!"

- Jennie Davidson


"Rodney did my hair and makeup for my wedding. I have never felt more beautiful in all my life! He did such an amazing job making sure I still looked like myself just flawless and more glamorous! My hair was perfect stayed in place over over 16hrs! I HIGHLY recommend Rodney for your big day!

- Lisa Chan


"Absolute BEST haircut of my LIFE!!! Highly recommend Rodney! Great conversation, too!!"

- Pamela Shaffer


"Rodney is the only person I will let cut my hair now and I am always thrilled with the results. I am pretty simple and hard to please but a great hair cut really goes a long way. I can also speak to his make-up and hair styling skills as he did my hair/makeup for my wedding and I had so many compliments on it. He was able to create exactly what I wanted. I have recommended him to everyone I know who is getting married!"

- Katie Mills


"Not too many people can cut Asian hair without making it look like someone drew lines all over your head but Rodney can! I've followed him from salon to salon. I just hope he doesn't ever move across the country!"

- Reggie Navarrette 


"I love Rodney I am of mixed Race which means I was not born with straight hair but a head full of thick and curly/wavy hair! I have never seen anyone blow dry my hair with a brush and no flat iron until i met Rodney he is the Best! Go see him you will be happy!"

- Chasity Nicole 


"Rodney did the hair and makeup for my wedding and portraits. Everything turned out perfectly and the pictures were absolutely beautiful. He is great at what he does and is very easy to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to look amazing on their wedding day!

- Katie Beaver


"Rodney has designed his space in Solas to be his own - very comfortable, nice music, nice wine - perfect place to feel relaxed while he works his magic on your hair! Rodney is the most talented stylist I have ever had. I am not exaggerating when I say at least once a day (usually multiple times a day) I get compliments on my haircut/hairstyle. Rodney also did my hair and makeup for my wedding, and I looked flawless. I see him every 3 weeks and I am the most pleased with my hair I have ever been in my life. I would not hesitate to have him do my hair and makeup for ANY special event because he is truly the best."

-Janine Jones